Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday ~8 miles.

7.82 miles in 59:11 (7:34 pace) with an average HR of 142. Temperature- 13 degrees and snowing. Today I was able to modulate my effort slightly and still run up every hill with my HR below 150, progress I think. Below is the route profile, which I think is the easiest route I have from my house.

Tomorrow is a 10 mile test at lower altitude on a somewhat flat course. If today is any indication then I think it will go well.
Next week I am being tested for lactate threshold by Gordo Byrn... I'll write much more on the details of why I'm having it done and also the protocol. We won't be on a treadmill but on a track doing progressive mile repeats with blood drawn after each one. Then (I think) I will be running a maximum effort interval to see how high I can get my blood lactate level. It's going to be fun and also great to have Gordo giving the test. When I first sought out a coach Gordo was one of the first people I asked. He's a guy that has done things right over the years and partly responsible for the details of my previous post below. His site has a ton of great information worth reading.


Matt said...

When the "coach" was still a mystery, I thought Gordo was the guy. Can't wait to read your post on the tests.

This is from an article in today's L.A. Times (not a regular read of mine):

"The real point is that athletics, like every aspect of our existence, is controlled by the brain. The stronger that is within the athlete, the greater will be his or her success. Exhibit A is what Woods did again Sunday."

You're getting right in the brain, my friend. That's soooo important!

Lucho said...

I would have said if it was Gordo..I've known G for years now and have trained with him a bit. He's a good guy and stud athlete.
It all starts in the brain.

kerrie said...

i want to see that being done!! are you going to get blood drawn after every mile?

your new plan sounds well thought out however i still think you should throw a race in there every couple of weeks(just shorter stuff like 5/10 k) so you know remember what that feels like to suffer a bit and especially so you are forced out of your comfort zone(which we could spend more time talking about...). and don't wear your hr monitor.

Lucho said...

Kerrie- So the you like the plan but I should change everything? :) I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet.
I'll let you know what time we're doing the test. It will be at Fairview on either Wednesday or Thursday of next week. Yes- blood draw after each mile.