Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Aerobic Test 11 miles

1 mile warm-up. 10 miles in 1:10:29. 7:02 pace with average HR 152.. too high. I tried to run as much with PE as with HR and found myself over my cap often.
After not running a step for over a month I was running 6:47 pace with my HR 10 beats lower on a hillier and higher road..
Rather than post thoughts I may regret, I will now walk away from my computer.


Brett said...

LOL "I will now walk away from my computer".

This is a much better distance, pace, and lower effort than just a week ago on single mile tests no?

Lucho said...

Yes.. but the data does show that- choosing between lying on a couch for a month, or hiring the coach I had... you may be better off lying on a couch!
There, I said it.
I don't want to be negative.. you're right Brett- I am certainly progressing again and that's a great thing. Thanks

Trev said...

I'm on a comeback myself at the moment and just today I did a marker workout.
Result: worst I have seen in 2 years (in all aspects - speed/HR/RPE).
The positive side: I know I will make great improvements in the short term and get within 10% of my best within 10 weeks. That last 10% will take a lot longer though!

Matt said...

It's cliche to say, "be positive," "it's just one test," etc., but given the recent events, that is a good test. What's your MAF HR anyways? Sounds like the PE was good. 152 is still very aerobic for you. Sure it's not the 134/6:10 data, but you're doing fine. Hell, you're back to basics with time on your hands. Great baseline test!

(it took me forever to write this comment because I can't stop drinking this insane whey protein shake - just did 45 minutes max hr 147 and will do another hour+ later). I'm back on track, coach.

Keep up the good work, T.

Lucho said...

Trev- I checked out your next 8 weeks of training.. looks solid. Have you considered flipping your long run progression? So you would coincide the longest runs with the lower/ shorter intensity training, then as your long run decreased you would increase the length of the harder running. It's more risky to try to combine a build in volume with a build in intensity. Just my 2 cents! Cheers and thanks for the comment.

Matt- It's just frustrating.. this is the first true backslide in fitness I can remember, I'm in unfamiliar territory. Yes- it's coming back and I am more determined and motivated than I have ever been (and that's saying a lot!) to do what's right for me. I'm giddy with motivation.
Were both back on track..

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucho, regarding your recent posts about less than exciting aerobic tests, I emailed you last year about doing 60 minute road bike tests. Here are my results:

4/7/08 91w/140HR
4/28/08 97w/141HR
5/26/08 108w/142HR
6/23/08 129w/142HR
7/14/08 151w/140HR

12/8/08 110w/139HR
1/25/09 160w/144HR
2/28/09 108w/137HR

I felt amazing on Jan 25 and I was flying. I just started structured training in Jan and only about 4-7 hours a week total run, bike, swim, all at MAF (>145). Now my legs feel like crap. I took 4 days off to see if that would help, but obviously in Feb, my watts were still terrible and I've been too scared to try another test. Watts are higher than this time last year, but I would give anything to figure out why I had such a great day Jan 25.
Anyway, just wanted to let you know that you're not the only one frustrated with numbers. :) Let's throw out our devices!

Lucho said...

Anonymous- You don't have to post anonymously here.. this is a friendly place ;)
I would tell you first of all to test asap so you can tell if that last result was a fluke or just a bad day, then you can assess the situation with some data. I would also tell you for the future- with a test that is off by that much to test again a few days later before determining that something is wrong.
What did you do from July to December?
With this type of training you should expect to see a plateau in the test results. In order to improve we have to over load our bodies and our aerobic systems. Once you stop seeing gains in wattage on your tests it shows that you are no longer benefiting from the type of training and it's then time to move on to another period or focus. I think you're doing great! That's a huge wattage improvement so it is working. Be patient and consistent and you'll get even better!

kimberly (formerly anonymous) said...

Thanks for the feedback and encouragement. (I was anonymous because I thought I had to have a google account...didn't mean to scare you.) I will try another test this weekend. I have no tests from Aug to Nov because the snow finally melted and I was mostly mountain biking. During this time I just enjoyed being outside 7-12 hours a week and pretty much forgot to do tests. I did a couple xterra and mtb races and a trail run in Oct. The xterra and mtb races went well, but I did not build up mileage or pace properly for the very hilly trail run so that threw me off for a while. I will not do that again. :) Last year I was coming off injury/sickness so had to build fitness from scratch and I feel like my aerobic system still has a long way to go. I’ve been a cyclist for 10 years so have seen a lot of improvement in MAF watts, but just started running last year. Therefore, those time improvements have been small but at least my hips and ankles don’t hurt anymore. I learned to swim last winter as well, so swimming a mile under 40 minutes has been a huge improvement and I can finally swim at a relaxed pace without feeling like I’m drowning. Anyway, I’ll let you know how the MAF bike test goes.

Lucho said...

Kimberly... much better ;) thanks.
"During this time I just enjoyed being outside 7-12 hours a week and pretty much forgot to do tests." awesome.. that is why we do this right? I think you have the very first and most important priority perfected.
If you just started running last year then your aerobic will improve quickly with consistent running. You should place priority though on making sure you listen to your body. Any aches or twinges or long term (3-4 day) soreness and you should back off and rest. You should do the MAF tests for the run too. Warm-up to MAF HR gradually, then hold MAF for ~5:00, then go straight in to a 2-3 mile test (to start) strictly at MAF HR and collect average HR and pace per mile. The repeat the test every 3 weeks or so. I would also recommend doing strides 2 times per week- Warm-up well or do them at the end of a run. 3-4 X 10" (seconds) is all you need to start. Run them at a comfortably hard and fast effort and build in to each one. This will help you build efficient running movement. Test again on the bike! I'll bet it'll be solid.