Friday, March 13, 2009


Yesterday was a long run and today was a fartlek again.. I've found the stomping grounds of a herd of elk and have run by them several times this week.
The first picture is of one of the best roads in the world (an 8 minute drive from my house and at 6200ft altitude). It's an access road for the rail road and winds up in to the mountains for about 6.5 miles then dead ends at a maintenance facility. In 4 runs I've seen 1 truck. Either side of the road is county owned open space, pristine and beautiful, quiet and solitary.. the elk don't seem to mind me sharing their space.


Kevin said...

Once again I am jeolous. Some recent events in my life remind me that I really need to take the time and look around and I sure I would find things as nice as your pictures in my neighborhood. Thanks for sharing you playland with all of us.

Lucho said...

Thanks Kevin- don't wait too long. Life really is short.