Tuesday, February 3, 2009


With new mileage goals I don't have any reason to run today. I really wanted to this morning... sitting here at 6:00am looking at my running shoes by the door... Maybe I'll take Ben for a walk. With the baby jogger on some of these hills that might be hard enough to be called training.


Anonymous said...

You are going to have to change your blog to "Haulin' Ass" if you go 30:30 at Bolder Boulder. You can do it! Thanks for the MAF Test info. a while back. We met at the Barkin' Dog a few years back. I'm like you, just a jogger now. JK1 can have the tri stuff. He is getting damn good at it. I'm training to run some fast 5/10K's this year. 1st stop Running of the Green 7K, then Carlsbad 5000, Bolder Boulder, etc... You will probably want to shoot me for suggesting this, but you should consider getting a treadmill. I know, not the pure runner thing to do, but its like having your own lab. Some benefits -> can run while watching the kids, easy runs can be easy & flat when living in the mountains, can dictate very exact workouts, can run with sea level leg speed without red-lining high altitude effort (see treadmill to land effort conversion charts), long uphill work without the pounding of downhills. - Craig Greenslit

Matt said...

I think you're going to get scary.

I enjoyed an old core workout video from this blog starring Lucho and ChuckieV. Thanks.

Stay hungry!

TK Pro Fitness said...

Good Choice... I can't wait to see how training goes. Sorry to hear about the fox. T

Lucho said...

Sorry TK- Hudson isn't my coach, just wanted ask him a few questions.

Craig- I would benefit from a treadmill and would probably take one if they were free!

Matt- I would love to be scary..