Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday- recovery.. 10 miles

This is the elevation profile of my recovery run this morning.. 6.1 miles in 43:02/ 7:03 pace. Average HR 143. Max HR 154. This is a huge improvement in just the time I've been here showing good adaptation to the hills and the altitude.
Today I spoke at length with the coach I want hire and we will be starting this week. My goal is a fast marathon in 3 years. So this year is going to be focused on getting my 'speed' back and laying off the high mileage. I was happy to hear him throw out "90 miles" as being enough.. I can live with that. He thinks 31:30 is realistic at Bolder Boulder, 1 minute slower than my goal.. we'll see. ;) A fast half marathon or two will be my only focus later this year. This is smart for me I think. Not only seeking the guidance of a more experienced (and successful) runner, but also pulling back on the mileage and focusing on shorter races for a year.

pm) 4 miles of jogging. Very easy.

We 'had' this beautiful fox that I would see often in the neighborhood.. I saw him/her again this afternoon dead on the road. Humans can really suck at times. It makes me glad that we ourselves get killed and catch diseases. Sort of an odd thing to think, I know.


Jeff Morrison said...

"glad that we ourselves get killed?" tim, what real or perceived injustice towards a fox can make you GLAD we are killed (as in murdered by another human) or get diseases (as in Leukemia, MS, etc).

Appreciate that you're sharing your unique perspective on life in addition to the great training info - but damn, today's comment makes it difficult to see where you're coming from.

Dave said...

At first glance I thought that line was a little harsh too, but I can imagine what you mean by it. To me, it's nice to see that there's balance in the universe. I think we often times get hung up on being 'more than human' or 'more than mammals' sometimes. Our brains are too big for our own good at times and it makes us think that we are more important than other (note I said OTHER animals because that's all that we are) creatures and the Earth. So while I don't think I would have said it that way, I can see where you were going with it. Good luck with the coach!

Lucho said...

Glad you asked and I appreciate you not hiding behind 'anonymous'.
I'm not completely sure why that thought ran through my head. I said it was an 'odd thing to think'.
The problem starts with my belief that I think it's good that everyone is going to die (I know that overpopulation of a species is the reason for it's extinction... next to Man's hand of course). Depending on your beliefs you may or may not agree. What I won't do is believe that all people should live simply because they are people. Of course it's painful to see people die that we love, people that we think don't deserve to have their time on the Earth be painful and shortened. My comment was geared more towards the idea that people die.... as everything does, and good! When I see a fox dead on the road killed by a car (I never blamed the motorist for doing anything wrong), I'm glad there is some equality in this universe. I promise that the fox did far better things for this world than some people do! Which one would I rather live? The fox. (if you want me to pull up references to some of the people that do some evil and sadistic shit to other people then I can do that)
I don't mean to offend you and I won't say that my thought process is correct, I'm a student in this life. This is my space for my thoughts, right or wrong. I appreciate you coming here, I truly do! I welcome the conflict and the questioning of my thoughts.. we learn far more from people we don't agree with!

Lucho said...

Dave- This is a re-post after I deleted my first response. Nothing bad.. just me getting passive aggressive.
It's not about us being 'more than animals'. Simply put- that fox did more for my world than 99% of the human population. It was killed because a person drove through it's home and it happened to be home. I'm saddened by it. And I'm not saddened by the death of some people. I don't feel bad for thinking that.

BRFOOT said...

I GET IT! The arrogance of humans that we are somehow "special" because we walk upright, have opposable thumbs and a bigger brain. Animals kill for survival ONLY! either to eat or to protect themselves. Humans kill themselves and eachother for a whole host of reasons, rarely for survival. We also kill other animals for a whole host of reasons some good some not so good and some with absolutly no malice or forethought, like your fox probably. Don't get me wrong, I love meat, I hunt and I eat what I kill.
Death is the universal equalizer. Dead is dead whether your a rat or Elvis.

Lucho said...

Brfoot- That expounds on my point, thanks.. I'm not pleased that there is disease and death... but I'm (usually) not saddened when people die either. It's what has always happened, will happen to me and everyone I love, and will continue to happen to every living thing in the world. It's just part of our life cycle. Seeing such a beautiful animal killed by a car simply made me glad that all is equal.

Anonymous said...

tim, i am comforted that the next "lucho" generation will be environmentally aware.

the first thing locals told me when i moved to the canyons was that i should watch out for mountain lions and coyotes. luckily, i have yet to cross paths with a big cat during my runs but most of the coyotes i've seen have been roadkill. this is the sad truth about our attempts to integrate automobiles and our natural world.

Lucho said...

Ds- Thanks! I'll do my best to keep it real with my kids. Provide them with the knowledge to make their own decisions. You guys have a lot more poomas than we do I think? I know the last person I heard of that was killed by one was in California..
Any luck on finding the 'gridless cottage'? The pic you have on your page is awesome! I love the little cabins. There are tons (with land) around here for less than 80k.