Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday.. ouch.

I got crushed today.. the fatigue of yesterday's 15 hill repeats hit me like a sledgehammer 1 mile in to the big climb and I got shot off the back. You have good days and you have bad days. I managed to do some damage control and still held my average HR down to 150 while making it through in a reasonable time for the route.
Here's the route's profile-

Stephen, the Kenyan that ran with us, is here from Albuquerque so the altitude didn't bother him.. or so it seemed, and he cruised up the last 6 miles effortlessly. Stephen loved it up here and is planning on coming up often to run. He's staying with Bob- my once imaginary (and moustached) friend. Hopefully we'll get a nice little group run thing going.


FatDad said...

Oh man, that thin air is making you crazy. Now there's a 'Kenyan' living with 'Bob'...Riiiiiiight.

Lucho said...

Yes... yes there is. And we rode magical pixie ponies to the castle after the run.
Ha! Bob and the Kenyan.. that does sound suspicious. Pictures will have to follow.

kerrie said...

that's exactly what i thought....the air must be getting really thin. soon there'll be a whole gang up there!!!