Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thursday Aerobic test

I drove in to the Fairview track in Boulder to run an easy aerobic test at low altitude. I am using a HR range based on my LT HR of 178. The test was run at 30-20 beats below my lactate threshold.
3 mile warm-up with a push (yes- I had to push) at the end to achieve HR 145..
Mile 1- 6:01 max HR 148
Mile 2- 6:07 max HR 152
Mile 3- 6:12 max HR 156
3 miles in 18:21 with an average HR of 149... average pace 6:07 per mile.

I'm psyched.. I started the run feeling yesterday's effort and the pace felt awkward. I can see that my neuromuscular economy is not equal to my aerobic fitness.

Food log: Pre run- ~30g of soy protein with super green vegetable supplement.
Post run- 1 apple. 5 eggs scrambled with red pepper and onion. Mega
Vitamin B, 200 mcg CoQ10, colostrum.

pm) I spent from 3:00pm until dark climbing every branch in an old growth, 40ft pine tree in our yard trimming all the dead branches to satisfy State Farm and keep our home owners insurance.. only 2o more trees to go. I'm certainly not complaining! Climbing a grove of old trees that are in my own yard sounds like heaven to me..

Saturday Solepepper workout will be at 8:00 sharp at the Monarch High track
. The workout is:
20:00 warm-up jog.
4 X diagonals.
4 X (200-200-400) all on full recoveries. The repeats will be at ~3k race effort... or however hard people want to do theirs. I'll be trying for 33" on the 200's and 66"-67" on the 400's.
CD) as long you want..


Matt said...

It's very cool to see the work-outs again . . .deja vu. Jog Hard!

Lucho said...

And that WAS jogging! If I had been watching my watch I would have dipped that first mile under 6 just to stroke my fragile ego ;) I think the test is a good example of the 'risk' of taking a rest break. We are all so afraid of taking time off- but in just 3 weeks I'm already at 6:07 pace.
Thanks Matt

GZ said...

I think it reflect the size of the base you built over years ...

I could run those paces now ... but my HR would be probably 10 bpm higher.

Lucho said...

Absolutely GZ.. If MAF has value to a runner, this is the example. My focus on very moderate aerobic training for the last ~10 years has left me with the ability to bounce back very quickly. This is also (I believe) the reason that I should only be focusing ~16 weeks on any single race rather than 20. Now I need to work on that neuromuscular weakness. Tough to do at 8000+ elevation and on zero flat terrain. Downhill running does it somewhat- but there's a big difference between downhill and flat in regards to muscle movements and firing patterns.

Brett said...

Wow that is INCREDIBLE. Five Eggs?

And the running wasn't too bad either...