Friday, February 6, 2009


Awesome, kick ass morning.. I was up at 5:00am to get a few (quite a few) miles of jogging in before my wife had to go to work.
My thoughts during my jog-
The sun is coming up earlier each day and I love it! I'm almost bummed about daylight savings coming soon!? The sunrise was spectacular! My son and I are going to go for a hike today. I think for his little steps we can just stay in our back yard! My life is better than I could have ever wished. An amazing wife, an amazing son, I'm surrounded by tons of friends and we live in a beautiful dream home. This is something I don't need to forget at any moment. I need to know that I have little reason to have negative thoughts.

I read this quote last night:
"The person I have to beat is the guy I was last week."- Ryan Reynolds.

I really like this quote.. I find that when I'm the most negative towards others it's because of disappointment in myself or anger within myself. Jealousy and ignorance seem to be a major reason why people hate on other people.. you can read it and hear it all over the web- often times it will be just an ever so subtle "jab" at another person, look for it and recognize it for what it truly is. The jab is often times followed by an attempt by the 'author' to toot his own horn. This is text book insecurity in one's self worth..
I'm guilty of this. I can see it and I hate doing it! The person I have to beat is the guy I was last week.. yesterday.. 3 hours ago.. 3 minutes ago.. I'm quite set on trying to improve myself and in order to do this it's important that I recognize the many mistakes I have made. It's painful to pull up details of those mistakes and really examine them but it's also useful in an attempt at becoming a better person. In order for me to become a better teacher I need to know how to improve myself first. Part of why I run and push myself in that arena is to learn as much as I can. When I tell someone to do 'such and such' workout you can bet that I just did it myself. When I give my feedback to the person I am using a mix of text book education and also mix of recent personal experience. When I tell an athlete to not run too much and that they need to rest- it's because I know first hand the repercussions of not doing it. The mistakes I have made have been my most effective education.. but I need to understand the mistake and understand how to prevent from repeating it. Now I'm just rambling..
I start with my coach on Monday. I ranted in a post- then deleted the post- about his lack of contact with me. I sent him an apology for my impatience even though he doesn't come here and would never have known I ranted.
I wonder if he fully understands the challenges ahead of him?


Jason said...

Been following your blog for a while now and I have to say I really enjoyed reading this post. Totally agree with how you say people hate on other people to make themselves feel better. Hate it when I see people do that crap! Great quote as well. I think most people who are involved in endurance sports would be able to relate to that quote.

GZ said...

Beautifully said. It is this journey (running) within a journey (life) and the improvement, growth, learning, successes and failures that I love about it.

Lucho said...

Cheers Jason.
Maybe see you Sunday at the 5k GZ? I'm itching to race!

GZ said...

Thinking so ... although I put myself in the ass kitchen today so I will need to see how I bounce back tomorrow.

Lucho said...

"The ass kitchen"...huh?

GZ said...

Ass kitchen, hurt locker, pain box ...