Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday 20 miles.

am) 14 miles with the last 30:00 uphill at a "moderate" effort. There of course is no such thing as a moderate uphill finish at 8500ft altitude. But I get Hudson's point. The progression run, particularly with a 'happy ending' like a 30:00 climb.. is killer.

Food log: One giant ball of anger and frustration shoved down deep in my belly. It burned the whole run.. One of my best friends used to tell me to "run with the hate", and so I did..

pm) 6 miles and I'm not afraid to say that I kicked ass. I immediately felt amazing and decided to go with it. I ran 1 song hard then one song moderate. Never easy.. with the playlist I have on my i-pod now, there is no "easy". Today was the first big run day for me and I feel incredible. My muscles are feeling more loose and strong the more miles I run.

I would guess the average temperature for this 20 miles was maybe a generous 15 degrees? The evening run was near zero with the wind chill, and despite my numb lips (who was I going to talk to anyway?) I felt none of it and ran very well (ie: fast). My acclimatization to both the altitude and the cold are coming quickly. My hands don't really get cold any more, or if they do I don't mind it really. Less blood to the fingers means more for my legs right? If I had a treadmill I would sell it and buy some Skins and a lifetime supply of CoQ10..


Anonymous said...

Why the hate mate?

In small doses, anger can be a source of energy/motivation/conviction. But as a whole, it's just a huge energy drain.

Ninja's don't fight with anger, they are cunning beasts, calculating, and precise. Even when they flip out and cut somebody's head off, they do it spiritually and with the power of positive thinking. And if you don't believe me you are a liar and need to get a life right now.

Lucho said...

Real Ultimate Power quote? Hilarious.
Anger is a drain on the mind and energy, I agree 100%... I think I vent it well now (or am learning to) through my jogging. The lines that distinguish my anger and my motivation often times become blurred. When I'm keyed up and ready to train I'm edgy.. which can feel or come out like anger. I get so motivated sometimes I can't sleep- like last night- I woke up every hour wishing it was 5:00am so I could go run.
Truthfully- I have nothing to be angry at! I am so blessed and fortunate..