Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday Track + Office pics.

am) Group run.
2 mile warm-up/ 5 X 100 meters with drills and plyometrics between each/ 5 X 200 in 31"-33" on 200 ~full recovery/ 5 X 100 meters again with core work between/ 2 mile cool-down.
And an office update. I stopped by Home Depot after the track workout, then put in carpet and painted a bit. Installed the threshold and cleaned up the outside of the shed.. here's a few pics.

The view from the office.

The view from the house.

And the office. I still have to finish the trim and the walls. It's come a long way.

This is where it started...


Bert Sandie said...

I left a comment many months ago about you racing more and using the races as important aspects of your training.

I agree that you need to focus more on quality running and rest then mileage. When I was younger I ran 30 minutes for 10 Km off of only 45 quality miles a week and a couple of rides to supplement for long aerobic efforts.

I think you need to mix it up.

Lucho said...

Bert- Great stuff man.. that's exactly what I need to hear. 30' for 10k off that mileage is inspiring. I appreciate the advice!

kerrie said...

soooooo, who is the coach? and why are you keeping secrets? what happened??

the "office" doesn't look too can borrow my ladder to paint the ceiling if you want.

Eric said...

Tim, I just found your blog - nice job! I raced against you at IMLP in 2000, I was leading the amateur race until you came flying by me at maybe mile three of the run and spoiled my party.

Your house and surrounding area looks amazing! Cut some windows into the unibomber office though!



Lucho said...

Hey Eric- I remember you. Thanks for the good word! I will be putting windows in this spring. I also have another (lighter) door with windows in it that I'll be putting on in the summer.
But- no windows means no snoopers- can't have people seeing my supply of plumbing parts, gunpowder and nails.. ;)