Friday, January 30, 2009


Group run Saturday morning at 8:00am. We'll meet at Solepepper and run to the track. (1.75 miles).. then do drills, diagonals then 200's. Then repeat the diagonals.

No run today.. I did however install new headlights in my wife's car and clean the entire house. I might be hiring a run coach tomorrow.. I most likely will. I have talked to him in the past and the first thing he told me is that I run too much. So I'm clenching up now in anticipation of his first words of wisdom.


Matt said...

U R an ULTRA RUNNER. . . (but you should definitely fulfill your attempt at qualifying for the oly trials). . .

Tim, it's your pathos. You're a freakin mad dog. Do Pikes. Do a 50k. Arrange a training camp at the Canyon like you "promised" last year. Come on, man!


Lucho said...

Matt- Ya man, I see it too. Like GZ I'm completely at home on the trails. I ran down on the flats on Monday and it was so boring.. I'm sure I will head that way soon enough. I turn 40 in a few years then I'll probably move up. I want to do Pikes this year though- if that happens there may be no turning back!

And as for the training camp(s).. I have them in the works. The desert camp might happen. Our son is due in May though so it needs to happen before that.The end of April the average high and low is ~70/ 40 which is ideal. I have also thought of having a "high" altitude camp here at my home. I would have to limit it to 3-4 people though. There is a great cabin rental 1 mile away though and that could be a possibility. For the high altitude camp I'll be asking for resumes. It's brutal up here and you need to be fit coming in. It would be cool too have a camp before Pikes. ~3-4 weeks out have a 5 day/ 100+ mile camp.

GZ said...

If you have a high altitude camp - let's talk. I can arrange for a higher camp at 10K, near a half dozen 14ers to be feathered in if you want.

Not sure I'd want 20 miles a day 3 weeks out though.

Lucho said...

That's a tough call GZ. I think if the group was already altitude acclimated the 10k camp would work. But if people come from sea level then it may be too much? Not that there's a significant difference between the 2 (~1500ft).. Maybe spend the first half at 10k (the effects of altitude would be less severe in the first few days).. then move down as fatigue accumulated.
Also, if the camp was here, we would only be 20:00 from the more moderate altitude and flats of the front range so people could 'escape' if they need to.

GZ said...

Yeah ... but you are checking the resumes right?

We can make it a side trip. There is one 7 mile route up there called the Decalibron. 4 14ers in that route - all beautiful stuff. 2-3 hours. Then scoot back to the land of the rich air.

uli said...



-male, 34
-live at sea level (NYC)
-fluent in German
-knowsitall about cycling
-very straight
-non smelly but very loud farter
-ex-paratrooper, so used to endure and entertain stupid people 24/7
-"homestayer of the year" - NZ 2000
-sufficient cleaning skills (no more ironing though)
-slightly big head, definitely oversized nose
-always friendly
-like to run

Lucho said...

Uli- You're over qualified, sorry..
Of course you have a spot.