Saturday, January 3, 2009

Saturday 4 miles.

am) Woke up late after sleeping next to my son all night, he was super cuddly this morning under our huge pile of down blankets and quilts... I was exhausted and when I put him to bed I fell asleep and didn't wake up until 7:20. Rushed around and sped down to the group run. The weather was quite odd- it was sunny and beautiful up here and I drove down through the clouds in to overcast and eventually a blizzard, in to Boulder. On the way home it was snowing heavily and as I climbed back up to home I drove through the storm and broke out above the clouds in to sunny and beautiful weather again!
Thanks to "The Founding Father" on the suggestion for the term "mantuary" for my office... that works better than "Man Cave". Cheers!


Brett said...

As I was running tonight, I thought of a few other options...

I agree Man Cave sounds sort of...well uncomfortable.

But you know manhole isn't much better. That kind of sounds like a mix between man and manus.

These don't make total sense, but hey some of them rhyme and stuff:
* Testosteroom
* Shack Attack
* Shackasaurus

Again, the last two don't really make all that much sense, but maybe Ben would have fun saying them...

Lucho said...

Brett- Testosteroom is quite clever, I like it! Shackasaurus may be Ben's room's name..
Manhole does not work.. In fact, I believe that was the name of the gay bar in Police Academy?