Friday, January 2, 2009

Friday 0 miles..

No run today but tons of progress on the office. Jeff and I rented a Home Depot flatbed and picked up materials and sheathed the most of the outside and decked the floor. We got the truck stuck in the snow and discovered that a flatbed truck with no weight in the back is possibly the worst snow vehicle ever invented. The second pic is of the planking that is covering one wall that I think I am going leave as is. Sand and stain and it may be nice. The person who built the shed didn't do a very good job, plus all the years it has been sitting out there has warped it in to a Dr. Seuss building... lots of interesting angles and tilts. I think after today I'm ahead of schedule and with another full day of work tomorrow I may be ready to carpet and insulate.


kerrie said...

big g is going to be so jealous that he missed out on some building....he needs something to do so he can stop renovating the playhouse(which now is completely wired and insulated)

Wet Hair, Warm Heart said...

Looks like Ben is being a really big help!