Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I am finding that I am applying myself to my offished as much as I apply myself to running... I've become obsessed. Today I plugged every little hole (no small feat) and then insulated the roof. With a very small electric heater I was able to work in a t-shirt. The office is 108 square feet with a very low ceiling so I think it's going to be warm. Then I put all the cedar shingles back on the front then removed all planks from the outside of west wall and started sheathing it. I forgot to eat and haven't had anything since 6:00 pm last night. I hadn't noticed..
The ceiling is next- I'll cover it tomorrow but not with skis like I had originally planned. That was a bit too ambitious. I am going to close it in, get it nice... then worry about windows this summer. I'll also be doing the electrical tomorrow along with finishing the west wall exterior.
I am loving this project. At times I think I am trying to polish a turd.. in the end you still have a turd. But I think it's going to turn out nice. "Nice" being a relative term. For someone who has lived on an old boat, slept under an abandoned car, and spent 5 years with everything he owned in a pack on his back... it's going to be the sweetest thing.
Moustache update: Jeff called today and said he could hear my stachio over the phone... Beth- I'm going to a video blog post tomorrow of the shed with a camio by my stachetta..


wende said...

Don't forget to add Benny to the video! BTW, Michael is doing OKC in April for sure. Join him?

Lucho said...

Ugh.. a marathon in April? Doubtful.
Benny is at day care tomorrow, sorry! X

Matt said...

Your blog is getting really funny. Run with it. . .or jog with it. . .

When do you resume training?

Lucho said...

Matt- I was already supposed to be resuming running. My office has to be completed.. it just has to! They'll come for me if I don't... have to get it done. :0

Josh said...


Happy New Year to you too. Hope all is going well with the mancasa. You have some incredible pieces on your blog that I went through while spinning out the legs on the trainer. Some great ideas on the ironman run vs. the marathon run. I had a hilarious dream a couple of nights ago that I was back in Boulder training (and laughing my ass off) with you and Jeff instead of freezing my ass off up north. Oh well, all is great.