Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mancasa video..

No apologies for the rude jokes... you're just lucky I didn't cuss as much as I usually do.

Today is my son's 2 year birthday and I was trying to think about the span of time since he was born. I have a warped sense of time, always have. The past 2 years have felt like 5... my 37 years on this earth have felt like 50. Even the days seem to last too long. I look at my watch and guess 2:00pm and it's only 10:00am. I sleep very little, maybe this makes my time feel long? I'm not complaining by any means, I'm quite thankful! I feel like I have lived far more than I have and I think the next 20 years with Ben will be a lifetime.


GZ said...

I am not going to comment on the safety glasses because I expect someone already has.

"I HAVE CAULK IN MY MAN CAVE," followed by the evil cackle ... that might have to be your war cry as you are doing the throw down at 20 miles in a marathon.

beth said...

sweet MOUstache.
this mantuary building escapade is an analogy for SOMETHING. just not sure what it is yet.
i'll get back to you. probably solve all your life problems when i figure this one out.

oh yeah, can i have my glasses back?

kerrie said...

'man cave' sounds pretty dirty and kind of like a place you may not really want to go into...
as for the 'caulk' - i once listened to two guys talking, with straight faces, about whether a darker or a lighter caulk would work better for whatever project they were embarking on. i walked away.

Brett said...

I thought cedar shingles were supposed to be a little uneven...I think it looks great that way.

Last week (I work at a software company) two engineers were talking about dumping the database and then doing it again later to compare to the two...except they said it something like 'well I think you should take a dump right now, then take another dump next week and compare the two'. I had to put my phone on mute so I could laugh out loud like a silly 12 year old for 10 minutes.

Good job so far! I did notice you have a good bit of cleaning up to do - I can tell you've had your caulk all over the place in there...little evidence smeared in all the nooks and crannies.

Matt said...

the cracks, the caulk, hung door in the man cave . . . dude, it's hilarious and appropriately inappropriate. Don't stop. Who are you going to offend, Beth and Kerrie?

this is better than your training log. . .although I can't wait for that to get going again.

Brett said...

Hi Tim, please see This Post and specifically #3 way down below...I have been meaning to ask you when it comes to speed work/intervals a few questions, and this blog post reminded me to ask again.

a) Is it better to do certain time increments (ie run whatever pace you can at a certain heart rate for exactly 30 seconds)?

b) Is it better to do certain pace increments (ie heart rate be damned just do 1 minute 400s)?

c) Is it better to do heart rate specific intervals (who cares what the pace is, just do 95% of HR for 30 seconds over and over)?

Specifically he makes this comment "the intervals should only be continued until the HR fails to drop to 120bpm within a given recovery period (30-90s dependent on the length of the interval) while target pace is held constant." which I guess is yet a part (d) option.

Or do you pick and choose amongst these choices for different reasons?

I apologize for putting like 7 questions into 1 post...feel free to not publish this comment or use it as part of another day's post if you want. I'll need 3 more days to decipher his physiology discussion anyway!