Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wednesday 3 miles recovery.

Today I started my run and knew within 10 steps that I was going to cut the planned mileage. I jogged 3 miles super slow and relaxed.
In my attempt at finding a coach I am starting to see that I may not need one. Maybe I'm just saying that to make myself feel better about no one wanting to help me... boo hoo poor me. Gordo told me that I may not need a coach because I may not be doing anything wrong. Bob said something similar. Art Siemers and Mark Plaatjes.. same. I'm doing the right training, I just need to chill and let my body catch up now and again. Ground breaking huh? I am looking at a few past schedules that I have written for athletes and am using them as my guide for my own schedule. So, the do as I say not as I do is now going to be me doing what I have said others should do. That makes sense in my head. I am fairly good at giving athletes the right training but am terrible at coaching myself. So using one of my athlete's schedules (with slight mileage and pace modifications), maybe I will trick myself in to listening to me.


GZ said...

So ... you have a coach. You. And you have a bunch of folks watching you that you trust (JK1, ChuckieV, Bob, Alan C). Sounds like a good setup. And a great bargain.

Lucho said...

I don't know... I'm kind of a hardass with my athletes, no whining aloud! I may just end up firing myself or kicking my own ass.

Jaakko Hiekkaranta said...

wise words

Kevin said...

Sounds like you just need to get your athletes to hold you accountable to your own schedule. I am sure they would love to "give a little back" at you.

uli said...


I currently 'coach' a handful of successful athletes. I am a big believer in just 'guiding' people. No fixed plans. I prefer well-read, mature athletes who know what they want. They have read a lot about how to get there. All they look for is a second opinion. We discuss workouts and racing schedules.
I am oldschool.

I also think you personally do not need a 'full-on' coach. You know all the workouts.
Everyone can benefit from a second opinion though. But then again, too many second opinions can be confusing. Be picky and true to yourself. Even if you have one 'advisor', reserve final judgement for yourself.

I think you know my background (Sub9 IM, Top100 Kona blablabla). I call myself a runner now, just recently I ran 2:34 at NYC.

I am slower than you and I doubt that I know more than you about running. If you still think you could benefit from an interaction, let me know. I'd be more than happy to share thoughts. But, again, be picky! I never had a coach, so I wouldn't blame anyone to decline.


P.S. I am fortunate enough to have a well-paid job right now so all my 'coaching' is of course free (in case you wonder...)

GZ said...

Uli's comment hits on a point that I struggle with ... can an athlete who has not performed at a high level (or higher level) serve as a coach?

In other words, can a you be coached by someone who has a lower PR than you?

I know the answer is yes. It is obvious that it is yes. Being a good coach is not the same as being a good athlete.

But ... I think I'd have a tough time taking advice from an athlete who could only PR in a marathon at 5 hours.

And subsequently, I wonder if a 2:20 marathoner would take feedback from me (or anyone slower than 2:20).

Again, I think the answer is yes, but there is something unlogical in how I reconcile that.

Stupid of me, I know.

I think part of what I am getting from you Tim is that you'd struggle to be coached (and pay someone to be a coach) who would provide a lesser service than you as a coach. I also wonder about from a compared performance perspective.

Blah blah blah

Lucho said...

GZ- I think it really depends on how well the coach watches the athlete and their response to the training, then is able to understand what they are seeing. I have no doubt that some athletes that can run 2:10 in the marathon would not be able to coach a 4:00 marathon runner. Some athlete's don't know, nor do they need to know, how to exploit physiology to reach their potential. For myself, I understand all of that (and so do you) so I wouldn't need a coach that I "give the reigns over to" as you put it. I just need someone to hold myself accountable to and reign me back once in a while. I absolutely love to train as much as I can, but now I want to race fast and the two don't fit together all the time. There's no gold medal for impressive training logs.

Uli- Awesome man! That's incredibly generous of you to offer and I appreciate your time. Do I have your e-mail? Mine is jogdaddy at gmail dot com. Drop me a line so I have your address please. Cheers!

Josh said...


You are a great coach. No doubt about it. When you were designing my program for GFT I had no doubt that we would get it done. If you only had as much faith in yourself as your athletes do. I feel like I should break out into song now...

Lucho said...

Hey Josh! Long time eh? How are things up in the cold North? How have you been?
Thanks for the good word..