Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday 0 miles.

First off- the real estate business is a circus.
Second- I broke the 100,000 hit count today. It amazes me that people come here. Thanks.
Tomorrow is the Solepepper group run at 8:00 am. It will also be the end of my 2 week break from running (or is it jogging).. I am leery about posting an outline of my upcoming training period because I am quite reliably unreliable in following a training plan. The basic idea is going to be to simply start by getting some semblance of fitness back. Because of the last 12 years of training (which can be counted towards my 'base') and my ability to respond to aeorbic training, I am confident that in 2 weeks I'll be strong. I took 2 weeks off which in the big picture is just a blink of an eye. In the last 12 years I have taken very few breaks like the one I am ending now. Fitness doesn't just dry up and blow away. Of course I have lost certain components of my over-all fitness but none of them are going to be relevant for another 2 months anyway. My Vo2 and lactate threshold have taken the biggest hits. Strength leaves quickly. These aspects won't be critical to my training until later periods and the most important aspect, my endurance, is still very much there. A rough idea is for 40 miles next week.


Claus Bech said...

Hi Tim, congratulations on Your choice of house, as well as President... I visit Your blog on a regular basis and recommend it to runners and triathletes, and I don't think You should underestimate the inspirational impact it has on a lot of people. On the other side, You should post because You want to and not because You have to. I like Your no bullshit approach and Your searching attitude, not preaching "the truth", but openly basing Your personal understanding of the complexity of training and life in general. Take care, Claus Bech, Denmark

Lucho said...

Thank you Claus- I love the house and we'll see on the President... I'm hopeful. I watched CNN on election night and saw that countries around the world were celebrating Obama's win.

RunColo said...


Not sure if I missed it, but are you not running the Vegas Marathon anymore? I'm assuming not, but not sure if I missed that post.

Also, will you be running the Wilferd Brimley Quacker Brown Sugar Oatmeal 5k this January? If so, I will see you there.

Lucho said...

I might still go to Vegas just to pace Beth and Fatdad to <3:10's..
I am running the group run tomorrow. I heard you were there last week? Maybe I'll see you tomorrow.

Sam said...

Speaking as someone that has made their living in the real estate business for the past decade, it's definitely a circus.

The key to getting through an acquisition successfully, and with your sanity intact is to understand each party's motivation. Brokers are motivated to get the deal done, since they get paid on commission. The lawyers get paid by the hour, so they will take their time, and all the other folks get paid a flat fee, so they just want to get hired. And to top it off, the counter-party may have some hidden agenda and screwy advisers as well.