Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday 15 miles + thoughts on training..

am) 15 mile progression run. Bob ran most of this until a sniper on a balcony took out his ankle. Jeff joined us for the first half too. Here's the structure: 9 miles in 1:00:47/3 miles in 18:37 (the last mile of this was ~5:37)/ 3 miles in 18:10. The last half mile was slow jogging cool-down. My only goal was to have ~20:00 of hard effort running at the end of a some what longer run.

This is going to be rambling thought spillage..
After KC, Bob and I talked quite a bit about where my training should go in this last 6 weeks leading up to Vegas. I think that my volume is too high as I'm not yet developed enough to run 100+ miles and absorb harder training. I can do it.. but it kicks my ass. Dropping my mileage seems appropriate and my favorite coaches (Canova and Daniels) agree- in the 'specific' training period the goal is placed more on recovery and not pushing your mileage limits. In the last ~6-8 weeks you should have already built up your endurance to the point that is appropriate for your race. Heading in to this last period you should also have already built your relative speed to it's peak for the training cycle... meaning you don't want to try to push your lactate threshold and Vo2 max to higher levels. In the last 6 weeks I need to focus on the specific details of running my goal pace. I have a huge weakness between miles 13 and 20 of a marathon so that will be a focus. Bob thinks harder long runs are needed and I agree. A structure that I have in mind for this weekend, which I've already mapped out, comes from a workout that Renato Canova prescribed to Rodgers Rop.. it looks something like this-
WU) 6 miles. Then: 3 X 1 mile at goal pace on 1 mile at 30" slower than goal pace. Then: 3 miles easy. Then: 3 miles fartlek (1' at goal pace/ 1' easy). Then: finish with 3 miles continuous uphill at best effort.. treat this like a 5k race. 21 miles total.
It's difficult to finish a long run uphill for 3 miles. Left Hand Canyon though provides the perfect course for this. I'll park 3 miles up the canyon and do this run out on the Boulder Marathon course... finish by running the 3 miles back up to the car.
Hills have become my weakness. Dammit. All the strength I built for Ironman has seemed to wither away. Even though Vegas is going to be somewhat flat (although I no longer trust any race described as 'flat' (Austin, Denver, KC))- there is a ~.75% grade from mile 15 to 20. The point in the race when I am the weakest. Nice. Seeing my weakness is great though as it allows me to correct it.
Body weight. A doctor would tell me that I have an eating disorder, although I would disagree simply because of the reason I try to lose weight. I under eat pretty badly for the purpose of trying be a fast runner. Even though I joke about feeling fat I don't have body dismorphia and I try to eat to perform. Is that a viable disqualifying excuse? When I count calories I can log a week of ~2000 cal. per day and run 100 miles... and I won't lose a pound. All of my best calculations for BMR and AMR point to my needing ~3500 calories per day in order to just break even and not over/ under eat. I have a fairly efficient metabolism and I don't burn calories like others. I can fast for 24 hours then run 25 miles hard and not have a single blood sugar low. I've done it. What I do need to do now though is not obsess over my body weight.. no more scales. I need to fuel correctly and eat more. An example of what I shouldn't do is this: I ate Sunday night at ~7pm and didn't eat again until last night at 6pm.. Even though I am functioning ok with this- I can do better for sure. Alan always says to eat as much as possible and not gain weight. Not eat as little as possible to maintain weight. The weight thing needs to happen over a few years as I still have triathlon muscles. My arms are HUGE! ;)
My schedule is going to shift to something resembling this:
Mon- Easy ~10 miles
Tue- Hard ~15 miles with long specific pace work. Ie: long tempo run
Wed- Moderate Progression run ~15 miles
Thu- Easy 10 miles
Fri- Hard track intervals focused on ~5:20 pace
Sat- Easy 10 miles
Sun- Hard long run ~22 miles.

Here's the course profile for Sunday's long run..

And the Las Vegas Marathon profile..


Dave said...

Lucho, do you see logic in losing weight for tris? I'm about 6' 185lbs. Do you think the loss of weight for me (down to 175) would be worth it to go faster, or do you think the loss in strenghth would ultimately slow me down? I know I'm being a bit vague, but I'm just wondering. I realize that triathlon is a 'strength' sport, but there must be a fine line to walk between weight and strength. Thanks man. Oh, and Vegas is SUPER flat. I ran in 2006 and as I remember, the biggest hill was under an overpass later in the race. Definately not much of a hill though.

Lucho said...

Dave- I ran in to problems trying to lose weight for Ironman and always raced my fastest at #155. Once I dipped below #150 I suffered. I think it's good to be lean but once you start to lose muscle you get in trouble. I would also say that only in the last 6 weeks should you try to lean out. The added fat is a good thing for an Ironman athlete in base training. If you lift weights or use wattage watch very closely for power loss! The only way you'll find your ideal race weight though is to go there.. If you can lose a few pounds and not lose strength then you'll certainly be faster.