Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wednesday 21 miles.

am) 14 miles.
Jeff, Bob and I (Jeff could see Bob) met for a track session. Bob and I were playing domestique to Jeff as he ran 2 X 3 miles at tempo effort. Jeff could very well be the top amateur at Ironman Hawaii next month... you heard it here. The first 3 miles were in 16:37 (5:32 pace) and the second went in ~17:00 but we descended the paces each mile and finished with a 5:20. I won.

pm) 7 miles. Met up with Bob again and had more good conversation. Started the run feeling almost "high". Not quite blood sugar low high... it was different and in a good way. I feel better today than I have in forever. High energy, super positive attitude and literally zero fatigue and not an ache in sight. In every way I should feel hammered right now as the last 8 days have seen 8 hard days of running. 5 days of 20+ mile runs, 3 track sessions, 1 hill workout, 1 long- hilly tempo run, and a solid long run... it's weeks like this that instill in me the confidence that I can work hard enough to reach my goals. But because I know that I am capable of crushing myself in training, tomorrow is an easy recovery day.


JK1 said...

yes, yes you did win- sandbagger. :)

thanks to you and Bob for today. I look back at your old journals and see items like "best workout of my life" and today comes to mind for that for me. Today was one of the best workouts I've ever had. An absolute blast. Probably made it that much better having you and Bob there as sounding boards.

Anyway. thanks.

Lucho said...

Jeff- You should be able to look at my old training logs and see yourself much better than I was. That's what I see. You're there my friend. I have complete faith in you.

BLM said...

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