Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday 20 miles

am) 9 miles- 1:00 recovery jogging.
pm) 11 miles-1:13 with Bob.

Tomorrow is a race simulation workout (Brian Sell style) at Davidson Mesa. It's gonna be fun. Bob is coming out to be my 'whipping boy'.
Ya, Ward... you gave me the idea.


Daymond said...

Hey Tim, keep meaning to drop you a line - I sat on plane next to you KS to Denver. Am back in NZ now keep seeing your note beside my desk so just thought I'd drop you a line. Beautiful weather here - maybe I should get inspired by your Blog and get my running shoes on rather than blobbing in my office!


Lucho said...

Daymond- Of course! I still have those XTR brakes ;)
NZ is coming in to their Spring? You haven't been out on the MT bike? The offer to come out to Boulder and ride still stands- I'm sitting on 8 bikes right now so I imagine I can line you out..
Cheers! And thanks for dropping a line.