Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wednesday 0 mile.

In the interest of keeping my mileage closer to 100 this week I took today off completely. I feel Monday's race far more today than I did yesterday, mostly in my head. I'm feeling pretty down and unmotivated to run.. so I didn't. Which will be a good thing. I went out and bought Ben a Hot Wheels loop race track instead.

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Dave said...

I'm glad that happens to you too! You're human! I think way too often we grind through workouts just to get in the miles or time or whatever. It's cool to see that you seem to be listening to your body more and doing away with the "gadgets" and other stuff. It's nice to train without the other things that get in the way and get back to the roots of just moving your body for the sake of moving it! Good stuff man!