Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tuesday 0 miles

The day completely got away from me. I over slept and woke up at 6:00am then made the mistake of eating breakfast which I never do. By the time my stomach was ok to run I had work to attend to. Jo went to work and Ben and I spent part of the day at the park and walking on the trail looking at bugs.


Matt said...

Nice. Just a quick thought on a killer training schedule:

Mon. 20 miles
Tues. Hang w/Ben
Wed. 30 miles
Thurs. Hang w/Ben
Fri. 40 miles
Sat. Hang w/Fam
Sun. Do what you gotta do

Keep in mind, T/TH/Sat consist of hiking/walking/jogging w/stroller if needed.

Keep up the good work, Lucho.

beth said...

yep. waking up at 6am...you lazy man! i slept until 6:15 today. so there! (and james got up and out the door by 5:15 which made me feel even lazier for my non-laziness)

question- is there a reason you decided to do las vegas instead of cal international? not so much interested in you ( :) ), but i'm still deciding on a decemeber marathon and wanted to know how you weighed it. vegas is closer for us...
if beyond the scope of replying here, my email is bethgerdes1@gmail.com if you have a second

thanks, lucho!

Lucho said...

Matt- Interesting schedule.. I don't however think that loading days like that would work for me. Also, frequency is part of the key to running well. Running 13 times per week is more productive than running just 3-4 times per week. If I were an ultra guy then maybe that schedule would be good. But the loss of quality from running 30-40 miles at a time would eventually hurt my chances to run fast.
Beth- I'm usually up by 4:30-4:50 to get work done and run before my wife goes to work.
I chose Vegas because we can drive to it easily. Simple as that. Flying is harder than driving- especially with a 19 month old! The drive from Boulder to Vegas is also gorgeous and we'll be able to camp in Moab and stop at the Grand Canyon.
The Vegas course is pretty much a pancake- not a net elevation drop like Cal, but it's fast. And as far as a fun race to do.. the first 5 miles are on the strip- how do you beat that!

Matt said...

I was kidding, but there's always a little truth in a little humor.
I guess I was projecting . . .

Have an awesome week building speed.