Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday. 3 miles. Week total 103 miles.

am) 3 miles super relaxed jogging with 4 X 200m on the track at goal pace for tomorrow's 10 mile race. I say 'goal pace' but I won't be running by pace. I will try to sit in with the lead group. I'll also wear my HR monitor, for data after the race and also if I see HRs higher than 180 I'll back off. I suspect that 52:00-53:00 might win it. I'm really hoping some strong runners show up so I can test my limits and try to break through in my racing abilities.
I'm at 103 miles for the week so I will not be rested tomorrow, but I tend to train well when I'm tired. If today would have been a workout I would have crushed it. The 200s on the track were very relaxed jogging in 39".


Brett said...

Good luck!

Matt said...

Imagine what a great showing would do for your training/confidence. Work hard! Happy Labor day on that note. Good luck!

BRFOOT said...