Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday 22 miles Long run.

I ran this on the Boulder Backroads course which is just crazy hilly. I cut out a 4 mile flat section. 22 miles in 2:28 (6:43 pace) no HR monitor- but this was simple. The last 2 miles were in 11:20 and included 2 fairly big hills- the downhill was the hardest and in order to run the BB marathon and not mess up my training I will need to do more structured downhill running at race pace. The Boulder Backroads was my first open marathon race and I ran 2:40 with completely seized IT bands in the last 6 miles which forced me to stop every mile to stretch. I wasn't prepared at all! This time around I'll be aware of the severe damage the downhills do to my quads. I wore my Camelbak and drank 70 oz of Gatorade. I also drove part of the course on the way to the run and put 2 X 16oz bottles of water out and stopped and drank them during the run. And yes- I put the empties in my Camelbak and recycled them when I got home.. aren't I green?
No breakfast- just coffee.

PM) Legs feel very good- no tightness or soreness at all. I ordered Brad Hudson's new book and am guessing it will probably be my new 'bible'. Everything he has written has made perfect sense to me. He has an article in the new Running Times magazine that is great. Lots of good articles in the new issue. Hudson has been heavily influenced by Renato Canova and is a brilliant coach. Once I read it I am sure I'll be tweaking a few things in my own schedule.


RunColo said...


I literally just ordered that Brad Hudson book five minutes ago and then went to check out your blog and read your comment about ordering it. I read the blurb in Running Times and thought the same thing, great stuff.

Lucho said...

Ya- I'm psyched to get the book! I think Hudson is one of the better coaches out there! Look at Ritz in Beijing! He rocked.