Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday 21 miles Long run.

I met up with Jeff and Jenni this morning to run long. Colorado is in the 3rd day of steady rain and this morning was particularly heavy. We all walked out of the JK household and were standing under the eave.. just standing. It reminded me of standing on the edge of the pool at 5am dreading the cold plunge. Jenni started with us then split off on her own. Jeff and I ran a crazy hilly course in the pouring rain... laughing the whole time. The highlight of the run was Jeff accidentaly dropping a Powerbar gelblast in the middle of the road.. then turning around to retrieve it. Just as he stopped, a car came over the hill in time to see some crazy runner bend down in the middle of the road, pick something up and pop it into his mouth.. that had to look funny. Solid run for me ( I broke 100 miles for the week at mile 18) with an average HR of 145. We held 7:05 pace on a very hilly course wearing 15 pounds of soaking wet clothes and shoes.

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Michelle said...

My sister told me about your blog - and I still cannot imagine you with a beard, even after seeing the pix. Sorry, you have grown into an amazing person, but you'll still be Timmy to me!

Michelle Van Kooten-Tharman