Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday 19 miles.

Woke up in the best mood ever this morning completely psyched to start my day. My attitude may be kind of dorky but I see so much negativity in the world and I've grown tired of it. Starting my day with positive thoughts makes a profound difference in the way my day shapes up. Being angry just makes me tired.. being around angry people makes me tired. I'm making the choice to not allow either in to my life.
11 miles run as:
1 mile easy in 7:15.
7 miles 'easy' in 40:32 (5:47 pace) with my average HR at 152 (26 beats below LT). This all felt relaxed and comfortable. This is what 6:30 pace used to feel like.
Finished with 3 miles of just jogging.

pm) 8 miles- no HR, no watch. Just jogging.


Ward said...

"Woke up in the best mood ever this morning completely psyched to start my day."

I blame it on the cinnamon rolls!!

Lucho said...

Like I said- I think there is value in allowing your mind to relax once in a while. "Once in a while" being the key point. Not all the time for sure. Being super strict all the time gets tedious.

Dave said...

I know I write this everytime I comment, but good stuff man. I too think there is way too much negativity in the world today. We're the lucky ones who run around hopped-up on endorphins all day long. I wish other people (meaning the majority of the world) would wake up with a little more positivity in their lives. Eutopia lives within. If you can find inner peace, you can exist in the most chaotic circumstances, "calm as Hindu cows"-Tyler Durden from Fight Club. Thanks for the positive inspiration, I needed it today.

kerrie said...

yeah, i think the sugar might have something to do with it too!
and isn't today your b-day?
hope the day keeps going your way.

Lucho said...

Thanks Dave! I appreciate the good words.
"calm as Hindu cows".. that's Tyler describing the passenger's on the plane hopped up on pure oxygen.. one of my favorite books and movies!

Lucho said...

Kerrie- Ya.. the sugar was awesome. The rest of my life is going to go my way!

Brett said...

Man I hear you. I stopped watching most news a long time ago. Every news channel (especially cable) tries to MAKE news and analyze news and opine instead of just telling things. Its turned into a bunch of arguing cry babies all the time who spew nothing but negativity.

We actually went with just rabbit ears for almost a year recently. Now we have basic cable so our kids can watch the Disney Channel or something every once in a while....but I only rarely miss the rabbit ears.

Lucho said...

Brett- I hear you! I avoid the news at all cost and check the weather on line only. The news is depressing!