Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday 18 miles.

am) 6 miles at avg. HR 126. Recovery effort.

pm) 12 miles- 1:16 at avg. HR 151. Not a recovery effort. The workout was:
4 miles at MAF.

8 miles of AeT Fartlek. I ran to my music and let the songs determine the length of each interval. Each "hard" effort (Metallica, Godsmack, Tool.. etc.) was at HR 160 and ~5:40 pace. I had forgotten that Tool's "10,000 Days" is an eleven minute plus song..

Each "easy" effort (U2, Enya, Daughtry, Coldplay, Alice in Chains) was easy jogging at HR 140-145 and ~6:45 pace. I would skip songs if there were two in a row that were hard.

Started this in 95 degree heat so even though the over-all speed wasn't that fast the effort was solid. I was hydrated enough going in that my HR didn't fluctuate enough to make a significant impact on the effort.


GZ said...

Dude - it was hot out there today. Impressive.

U2 can get me moving ... "where the streets have no name"

Lucho said...

"Where the Streets Have No Name" is my pre-race warm-up song! One of my all time favorites for sure. I'm careful not to listen to it but for race day.. I turn the radio station if it comes on.
It was sweltering.. ugh.

Dave said...

Lucho, I just wanted to thank you for this blog. Seriously man, this is some of the best info I've ever come across. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your responses to not only my own questions, but also the questions of others. I'm not trying to kiss any ass here, just offering a true "Thank You".

Great stuff man! Please keep it comin'!

Lucho said...

Thanks for the good word Dave.