Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday 10 miles.

am) 10 miles in 1:02 with Alan Culpepper. Max HR of 158 and an average of 148. Not too bad- it's coming back quickly. I was able to talk the entire time which was the point (today) of us running. It was a business meeting- sort of like golf- but really fast golf. Alan is hiring me to head his running club as the coach. We'll also have a triathlon program and will be starting in the Spring.
SolePepper (Alan's running store which opens in October) will be the home base for group runs and rides and we'll also be meeting at various pools for workouts. There will be 6 different groups and we hope to have 200+ members by the summer of '09. Good stuff.


BRFOOT said...

Sounds like a real job.....but a good fit.Do we(blogfans) get a discount on shoes??? That would be very cool :)

Lucho said...

I'll give you my old pairs... which were used when I got them. (Thanks GZ).
It is a real job.. my first ever! I'm excited to be working for Alan- he's a great guy.

jameson said...

If only I could get the guys I work with to have meetings over 6 minutes miles! Congrats on what sounds like a killer oppurtunity.

FatDad said...

Exciting news about the coaching opportunity. Congratulations.