Sunday, July 20, 2008

Back home.

We finally walked in our door after 10 days on the road. Ben seemed to get better and better as the trip went along. He has moved his vocabulary along nicely in the 10 days to include tree, truck, daddy, Tim.. he also has been doing well in his sign language and can now sign milk and occasionally please.
We drove over 2000 miles and saw nearly everything between Colorado and Canada with the exception of Yellowstone which would have delayed our return home by a day. Jackson Wyoming was ok.. not the epic grandeur that I have heard it often described. Glacier National Park was amazing. The Missouri River was incredible- we spent 3 days on it and saw a ton of wild life including a rattlesnake the first night which was slinking just 5 feet from our tent! Ben had been walking all around and should have stepped on it. It died a fairly quick death, a very regrettable act, killing something because we had wanted to sleep in its home. Rattlesnakes have a very small territory and it would have only slithered a few feet and stopped. There were quite a few campers at that spot (a former campsite of Lewis and Clark's) so it wasn't worth the risk.
I had put my running clothes out last night to be ready for a morning jog before we drove from Rock Springs WY. but I slept about 3 hours later than usual and woke up too late to run. So no miles worth mentioning this week. My foot is 100% pain free finally after 6 months. My knee seems ok but running will be the true test. Tomorrow I start my next period of training so you'll see a few track sessions this coming week. The fun starts.


kerrie said...

nice! welcome back...glad you guys had a fun time and that ben enjoyed the drive. i'm sure he'll be saying all kinds of fun things soon - once they start talking, the words just seem to multiply like bunnies!!!

JK1 said...

TL- glad you're back. LOTS to catch up on- we missed you. You feel like running tomorrow am? Maybe just some easier (for you) volume?

Lemme know.

Matt said...

Bring-on the fun. You all (and your foot) have certainly benefitted from such a tour of the frontier. Nice vocab aquisition - a lot better than "billboard," "traffic," or "apocolypse."

Lucho said...

JK1- I'm ready to freakin ROCK!!!! Mouth guards and taped knuckles.. Davidson Mesa at 6:00am?