Monday, May 19, 2008


Last week I ended with 47 miles but 9:00 total exercise time. I biked and swam a bit and lifted core. 47 miles seems like a nice place to start- it felt quite easy which is good. I am going in for blood work this week to have a good starting point in my training. I would get a full physical if my doctor knew more than I did about athlete physiology.. a few years ago I went in and got blood work done and found I had a hematocrit of 38... he said that was average. Looking back I see that I was severely over trained at the time.
am) 4 miles easy jogging. No HR monitor or watch.


Matt said...

I'm going to incorporate a lot more hilly terrain into my training. I've been a little hesitant because of my focus on the HR, but I suspect that the avg. HR shouldn't see much change because hills, naturally, go down, too! And I'm not going to go nuts, but just try to make these MAF/Aet runs work in the hills. I just figure if that's my focus, that's gotta be my staple more often than not.

And I should continue to do as much Aet as I can, recover with MAF, yes?

beth said...

sounds like you're following your instincts
(just like those cavemen used to). your body knows what it needs..

Lucho said...

Yes Matt. I would say to even incorporate 4-5 X 20" hill sprints at maximum effort. If you can find a hill that is ~10+ percent (NOT a treadmill) then do them on that.. Recovery after each needs to be full (~3:00). On the recoveries try to get your HR below 100. Do these 1 time per week for the first 3 weeks then add one more session. Add 1 repeat every session. Remember- 100% maximum effort on each.

Matt said...

Yes. In fact I just came across the Tabata training notes I took from one of your earlier posts. I should have been doing those. Cheers!

GZ said...

I might be ready for a jog. Let me know when you are game.


Anonymous said...

Tim, my hermatocrit on heavy training periods (at least for me) was around 38 as well. I was a little suprised and thought I was iron deficient.