Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tuesday 17 miles.

am) 11 miles. HR avg.138... Felt incredible today and had to really bust moves to get my HR up. So I took the opportunity to go to the track and run some 200's.. my MAX HR on each was 150. The times were 37"/ 36"/ 36"/ 35" all on 200 easy jogging. The rest seems to have done me good- and all this time I thought "rest" was a myth! Along with germs and good sleep..

pm) 6 miles in 38:00. Easy jogging. HR avg 137. Then dry sauna for 30:00. I felt pretty down for this run.. my music choices were sad. I seem to run well when I'm thoughtful though and I find it kind of a nice departure from getting amped for a run.


JacobMD said...


I'm curious as to when and how frequent you think 'diagonals' or speed development should be included in someone who trains MAF exclusively. For example. I restarted my training Dec 30 and I have been only training MAF during this time with 3-4 days of diagonals in total. Should these be included twice every 10 days or more frequently (besides natural fartlek training downhill and such)? And, when should 200m bouts be included? What if your HR increases to MAF + 10 during these intervals. I'm continuing to develop what I believe is my best season layout and I'm not sure how/where speed development (not LT or VO2 training) fits in. Thanks.

GZ said...

30 minutes in the dry sauna? Sheesh. That sounds painful. Other than self torture, do you have a purpose for that? I get to 15 via sheer will and feel ready to puke.

Lucho said...

The dry sauna is one of my secret training methods. Of course the purpose has little scientific foundation- but I think the reason that I rarely get dehydrated and do so well in heat is that I have built up my tolerance to the dry sauna.. I can make it an hour usually. Either that or the reason that I can tolerate the dry sauna is that I have a high tolerance for heat. Not sure on that one.