Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday ~14 miles.. sort of.

AM) In the weight room:
10:00 stairmaster HR 130-140
10:00 intensive circuit core work
10:00 stairmaster HR 140-150
10:00 intensive circuit leg work
10:00 elliptical HR 145-155
10:00 intensive circuit core work
10:00 elliptical easy
3:00 calf raises to failure

PM) 8 miles- 49:31 at MAF HR. Felt easy.

I never know if I should count mileage like from the morning workout. I felt that the 40:00 on the stairmaster and elliptical were harder than running would have been.


Paul said...

Pretty interesting. What is the idea behind calf raises to failure? Massive run strength? Thanks!

Lucho said...

Injury prevention.. I am also trying to get rid of a little plantaar fasciitis right now too. Increasing the strength of the muscles of my lower legs will help with this. I firmly believe that injuries are caused by muscle weakness or imbalance.

kerrie said...

imo, when someone who is structurally sound has p.f., it usually comes down to the shoes or a change in running surface. Shoes that have too much midsole flexibility(or are too old) or ones that put too much strain on the achilles, can cause pf. i think doing calf raises might aggravate your pf....

Lucho said...

K- That's my point exactly. If my calves get strained or the Achilles is weak then strengthening them will prevent PF.

Matt said...

Tim (and Kerrie if you're reading)

A PT mentioned I have some weakening arches. She recommended orthotics. I have developed a little PF. Suggestions?

And Tim, my test next week is not the LT blood work test. It's the ventillatory? He was very certain that this would be very sufficient.

He said blood testing should almost be requested by a coach who is then going to use the data to coach the athlete.

What do you think?

Lucho said...

Matt- Weakening arches need to be strengthened! Orthotics will put a band-aid over it. Yes they may help you heal but why not get stronger? There are tons of arch exercises out there. Toe curls with a towel come mind.
The RQ test will be perfect for determining where you make the shift from fat burning to glycogen. It's this point (just below it actually) that you need to train the most time at.