Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Benny, Jo and I arrived back home this evening safe and sound. Thank you for all the support from so many great people! I really do appreciate it! I will get a race report up tomorrow. Cheers.


kerrie said...

if you are really bored with all of your time off ;) and you want to see how a sub 2:20 guy trains, you should check out my blog post today and there is a link to jason's "blog" if you click on his name...he provides some details of his workouts but mostly some pretty boring stuff! i know that he doesn't train nearly as hard/fast as you do but he does put in a lot of big volume weeks(+/-120 miles). i do think that he rests/naps a lot!

Anonymous said...

Well done Lucho can't wait for the race report.

What was tough about the course, elevation gain?, temps?

What's your race schedule for the rest of 2008. Looking forward to following your progress mate.