Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday 26.2- 2:31:54

Not a good day for me but it was tough for everyone I think. Times were slow as the course was quite difficult. My glutes tightened then hips flexors at around mile 14. My breathing was very light and my HR averaged 161.. my legs just fell completely apart and broke down like no other race I've done. Soreness and muscle fatigue/ cramps. Yuck! I placed 12th over-all within ~10:00 of the winners so that shows the toughness of the course. I'm not dissapointed but I am motivated to try and figure out why I can train like a 2:20 guy but race like crap.. that was always the story with my Ironmans and I don't want it to happen with the marathon.
I'm looking forward to a break- I realized that I haven't had more than a few days off since October of 2006 when I started training for Ironman Arizona!


GZ said...

Tim - way to get in the ring and fight. I tip my hat to what you have done in prep for this event, and for this race itself.

Enjoy some well deserved down time. You'll be reaping the rewards of this past block for quite a while.

Live it.


scott said...

Hi Tim
you made it to the finish without the back playing up!!! great
If i may mention 2 things that stick in my mind..
you tried 2 new things at the end of a great training block....
you backed off a lot
you had a deep massage
this caused a lot of mental and physical sensations for you that you had not experienced during the block that went so well
maybe in the next block you could incorporate some mini tapers to get used to what it feels like to be fresh and see if this suits you (or better training hard right up to the next marathon)...if finances allow try some regular massages with the same person to see if you respond well or not to that as well
Looking forward to folloowing your adventure as it continues in 2008
and dont forget Jack Foster who improved throughout his will get to that time you want to reach

Brett said...

Way to hang tough, though. Not very far off your goal with the difficult conditions and your body not cooperating is nothing to sneeze at. You'll get'em next time!

Chuckie V said...

You'll get part of that break here in Solvang!

I imagine there are a lot of us wanting a detailed report of the race, when you're up for it.

kerrie said...

great job! enjoy your break, they are good for you both mentally and physically!!

JK1 said...

dude. you are still a B.A. in my book. Can't wait to hear about things in person... I figure, it's a process- you probably just don't pull off a 2:20 the first few times out... hope your recovery goes well. Rawk it out.

Curly said...

Hey Lucho

I was out there too but I ONLY RAN HALF THE DISTANCE YOU DID and you were not too far behind my pretty sick, very slow ass. (worst run of my life) It was hilly, huh!? Who ever thought Austin had hills???

I think you rocked and are a running machine!

Enjoy your much needed break!

BJ said...

I think your results were awesome...great job. I know you wanted more, but in my eyes, as an aspiring runner, you ran a great time. How did your nutrition end up working out? I think you said you had to carry it with you.

Rest up!

Yancy Lent said...

Congratulations! And Chuckie was wrong, Vision Quest is or was not a cheesy movie, at least not back then :)

ckotte said...

Awesome job Lucho! It's been great to follow along. I only wish I could come in at 2:31! Smokin fast know matter what.

beth said...

sounds like the course had a lot to do with the outcome.
great race, 12th is amazing. your rest is well deserved.....take it easy.

Matt said...

Well done! I'm sure it was an epic effort. How did the back end-up? Part of the turmoil/difficulty?

Were you happy with your HR management, etc.? Just out of curiosity, do you know what % of max HR the kenyans generally run at?

BRFOOT said...

Even if your a little disappointed, you have to be happy with the fact that you're in a pretty small percentage of the population. So now now you teach Ben how to move on and move forward. I don't even know you , but I'm proud of you and your commitment to excellence.