Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sunday.. 8 miles and holding down my panic..

What a morning.. psychotic and fragile was my mental state as I stepped out of my car to begin my last long run. I couldn't concentrate on a single thing for more than a few seconds, my mind was racing and I could not- no matter how bundled up I was or how high I cranked my heater- get warm! This is what I imagine it would be like to try to quit heroin except that I wasn't throwing up... yet. My legs felt pretty good really, sort of antsy and numb at the same time. Is this what rested legs feel like? I may like being tired better!
With 2 full weeks until my race, I actually welcome this because the timing is perfect and I have prepared for this marathon possibly better than any of my 15 Ironmans. I know I'm not over trained because this past week has been almost nothing but rest.. which leads me to believe that I may be going through the shut down that often happens in a taper. I'm happy that it is happening now instead of next week!
So, Monday (tomorrow) will be the long run. Thursday the Tempo run. And Sunday a shortened 10-13 miles long run with the last 4 at race pace.


GZ said...

okay - now I am pissed. I went to the rec center today and the dry sauna was shut down! What the hell kind of self massage was going on at the Bob Burger Rec Center?

Stay on target Mr. Castle.

Chuckie V said...

You're not sounding very caveman-like. Don't tell me the beard is just a cover-up for your fears and insecurities. Chill, my friend, chill.

The Austin Marathon is a game. Life is a game. Nobody but you is wrapped up in this. Ben certainly doesn't care how daddy does. Just do him proud (and you will, no matter how you do) and let him motivate you...not a bunch of numbers, or even a result.

You'll do fine, but you need to stop and take a look at the bigger picture. Enjoy the taper for what it is...a time to relax and enjoy more of your son, who, before you know it, will be mad at you for not letting him take the car to his friends. He may even "hate" you for it, though he'll outgrow that.

Your training from here on out:

One big dose of a CHILL PILL.

--From a guy who always laughed at all this shit, and still does.

Lucho said...

Thanks Chuck..