Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A quick swing by to say hi to my son.. I was averaging 5:35 pace at this point.


GZ said...

Dude - the best part of that video is that you gave the hello to the family (I am guessing that is who was filming it).

And I was wondering if you raced with the beard or not. Question answered.

ckotte said...

You make 5:40 look too easy! Just like Chuckie makes biking at 30mph look easy.

I need to get my camera and post what 5:40 looks like for us "regular folk"!

Lucho said...

At mile 5 (when the video was taken) that was all at 5:30 pace..

JP Flores said...

that beard has to be costing you at least 5 seconds a mile.

seriously, you look great at that point...super relaxed. I agree, you make 5:40 pace look way too easy. :-)

Vanilla said...

I'm with ckotte, you make it look so easy. If you saw me running at a 5:30 pace it would look like the 100 meter dash and probably only last that long too.

Curly said...


You were even smiling at that pace!

I was running TWICE as slow and only doing HALF the distance and I was miserable (granted, I was pretty sick but still slow and not smiling that is for sure)