Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wednesday 13 miles.

am) just one run.. just 13 miles.. HR average was 136. I ran with Alan Culpepper and James Carney- James just won the US Half Marathon Champs with a 1:02:21 and placed 14th at the US Olympic trials in 2:16:54. Alan is just starting back from a long rest break after the trials and is considering running the 10,000 at the Olympic trials. Good guys and fun to run with!

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GZ said...

hmmm ... I have run with Lucho. Lucho has run with AC. AC has raced Hendric Ramalaa who has raced Geb who has raced ... Kevin Bacon.

It all comes back to Kevin Bacon.

Seriously, AC is the best ambassador of our sport ever. I ain't into hero worship, but if there is an elite runner I have ever wanted to see kill it - it is him.

Lucho ... good training. I'd love to see what you are thinking for the taper in the coming weeks ... workouts you are considering, mileage ramp down (if any, ala Hudson), etc.

Live it.