Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tuesday 14 miles.

am) 8 miles very relaxed, just jogging how I felt. I had a little bit of delayed fatigue from Sunday. HR averaged 121.
pm) 6 miles at a similar effort to the morning but my legs felt very good. Just jogging I was hitting 6:00 pace. All twinges and fatigue are gone.

I have less than 3 weeks to go and I am already starting to get jittery for the race! This is going to be a great race for me. I will have my wonderful wife and son there. My sister is flying in to watch the race and to see my Aunt Marilyn and Aunt Karen who live in Austin.. plus my best friend Mike is racing. We've run a hundred times together (34 miles on his 34th birthday) . It will be special for me to race with him. He said he wouldn't talk to me though if I didn't beat his P.R... which is faster than my best.. so I have to have a good day! ;) I wish the race was tomorrow!


beth said...

hey lucho, i've been keeping up with your daily dose for a little while now.as someone just starting out, its unreal for me to see what REAL experience is like. just wanted to say good luck with the taper...from reading your stuff, i'm guessing this part may be tougher for you than those gnarly caveman weeks you were throwing down...

jason said...

This is actually more related to your post from yesterday, but I didn't know if you'd catch comments to older posts or not.

Anyway, how often would you recommend LT testing to an athlete? I was considering having it done, but it looks like for the cost of just a few tests I could buy my own machine. Would this be something worth tracking on a regular, long-term basis? (On the plus side, I could also start testing other folks on the side to recoup some of the cost.)

Lucho said...

Beth- Cheers from colder Boulder! And thanks for the comment!

Jason- If you give me a day or so I am composing a post that will answer your question in regards to testing. I am testing one of my athletes today sans the blood analyzer and will be outlining the protocol in hopes of helping athletes test themselves. I don't believe you need anything fancier than a watt meter to test on the bike.. and a HR monitor for the run! If you can figure out how to test ourself then you can do small tests each week during workouts that will allow you to see shifts in LT.
I would recommend athletes get blood work done by an experienced tester once in their early base period and then once again as the begin their build periods towards their "A" race of the season.