Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tuesday 15 miles.

I felt good from the first step so I went with it again..
8 miles in 46:24. Avg HR 159/ Avg pace 5:48. Then:
1.5 miles easy jogging to the track with 1 Cytomax gel + ~8oz Gatorade. Then:
3 X 1 mile in 5:17/ 5:20/ 5:18.. Max HR on each was 174. (my approx. LT HR is 178)
Each were on 400 jogging with HR no lower than 140.
2 miles cool-down with 5 X 20" near max effort strides. These were tough as my hips had tightened and the exaggerated extension of my legs was noticeable. This also is partly why the strides are beneficial at the end of a longer session. As I understand it, I gain more of a neurological benefit by performing these on tired legs as the strides "reset" the muscle patterns for quick running. Maybe I'm way off here?
Another great day!


Matt said...

5:40 pace for 8miles wow that's flying!. I have to convert it to the metric system ~3:30/km. Crazy fast.

Have you seen the chasing Kimbia videos. Good for some inspiration http://chasingkimbia.blip.tv/

Ironboom said...

Lucho, I noticed that every now and then, like last week, you opted to do two shorter
marathon specific runs versus one long one e.g., 24+(though you also did a long easier run). I'm
guessing breaking the run up into two decreases risks of injury,
while, if completed in the same day (within a several hours?) mimics
the physiological, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular adaptations of
running long at marathon specific pace. But you have also done those specific runs while running long. Would you mind discussing the costs/benefits re the two and describe your thought process when opting for one versus the other from week to week. Thanks.