Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday 24 miles. Week total- 120 miles.

Today was by far the best long run of my life and that's saying a lot. Not so much because I kicked ass (for me) but because I did it on wasted legs and zero motivation. I woke up this morning and for the first time ever I was nearly hobbled.. a tight calf, achilles, piriformis (or glute?), plantaar.. and on no sleep. I drove to the Reservoir planning on just making it 4 miles (to get 100 for the week) but wasn't going to rule out going longer if I warmed up. I ran (limped) through 6 miles of easy jogging (I jogged a bit with Roman who was out getting it done!).. then felt ok enough to decide on another 18 miles.. So off I went up 36 to Left Hand Cyn and up to Heil Ranch where I turned around and decided to push for a bit.. mile 16 went by in 5:27.. mile 17 in 5:34.. and so on for 9 miles. Once I got my legs locked in to the rhythm it was like I was on cruise control- I could relax and let my legs just go.. it was kind of cool. I averaged 5:30 for that last 9 miles, which was a net elevation loss, the same as the Austin course.. In no way was that easy- it felt like I was finishing a marathon for sure! But that really is why I think it was the best run ever for me. I was able to play around with my pain threshold and really examine what I was feeling inside. I had a few aches.. my right foot felt like I was running on broken glass, and my achilles was reminding me every step that it is time to taper or else... but when I asked myself if I was really hurting, the answer was always "no". I kept drawing confidence as each mile passed at faster than my goal pace... it really wasn't that bad.
Over-all I averaged 6:17 pace for 24 miles with an average HR of 151.
I'm taking a huge deep breath right now.. as I think I got lucky with my timing.. I am very border line injured and teetering on the abyss.. I love it!!!!

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JP Flores said...

Lucho, that is awesome! I got chills reading that post...I can't wait to hear about the race at Austin. You're going to crush it.

kerrie said...

funny, the first thing i said when i rolled out of bed this a.m. was precisely "i've been hobbled" and then begged to sleep some more. my right foot is killing me and my heel feels bruised - i think it is cause i'm a dork and wore x-country spikes for the first time in a million years.
good for you for getting your run in. now you need to rest.

Chuckie V said...

Yes...I'm going to argue JP's comment and play the devil's advocate. Now is time to GO GET A MASSAGE, else you may not make it to Austin. Pay the money now Tim and I'll give it to you when I return to Boulder!

And how about the damn external hard drive for your computer so you don't lose all your photos of Benny Boy?! The kid is growing cuter everyday by the looks of his pictures. I liked his beard: like father like son.

Lucho said...

I bought a 160gb external hard drive to back everything up.
I've never had a massage.. but I'll look in to it!
Kerrie- Spikes!? That's crazy:)

Wende said...

Yeah Tim, listen to Chuckie...I don't want you to ruin my trip to Austin!! :)

Russ said...

First off, I really admire your life view and your training ethic. I was a little surprised at you calculating mileage to get to a weekly milestone (ie 4 to get to 100). Seems to be everything you are against.

I wish you the best in Austin, I feel as though you are going to exceed even your own high expectations.