Saturday, January 26, 2008

Saturday- XC Race.. 8th place. 18 miles total.

am) Race 4 miles cross country. The wind was AMAZING! The gusts were over 50 mph making the race only 4 miles of what the Hawaii Ironman usually is. I had a blast though! One of the more fun races I've done in a very long time. I was able to move up a bunch of spots on the uphills and in to the head winds but could not get my legs going on the downhills.. some of the guys were flying! I felt flat of course.. even my wife commented that I did not look good even in the first 400 meters. It's good though, with Austin now 3 weeks out am finally ready to rest after tomorrow's long run.
Results are here.

3 mile warm-up- with 4 X hill intervals to elevate HR and get my lactate buffering kicked in a bit.. 4 mile race... 11 miles "cool-down" after the race. That's not exactly a cool-down, more like some volume. Legs felt fine though.


GZ said...

TL - nice work. Realizing these results are what they are and they don't predict anything ... we can speculate. You moved up on the guy who took second at the Oatmeal 5K. Several of the guys you beat are regular 2:30.xx marathoners - and you were dancing with some guys who are very quick (Cabada for example).

Nice test. Sorry I missed it but I would have not missed the Cub Scout paint ball escapade even for a win here.


Lucho said...

Thanks for the good word G!
No way will I EVER miss anything of Ben's for a race! You're right on with that one!

kerrie said...

good race! thanks for taking my jacket(and not stealing my car, lol) - of course, my support crew was late...was hoping to find you after to ask you some questions and see your baby - next time. i was busy getting ready for the kid's race!

i thought it looked like you ran smart and worked your way up through the field - maybe you felt flat but you're obviously strong cause that was a pretty solid effort, especially with the wind.

Chuckie V said...

You're getting "SNAPPY" Lucho! That's a blazing time given the conditions. I think only those along the Front Range can fully understand what we mean by "wind". Jeff's latest blog ( shows what that Front Range wind can do. Out here it's just record rain. You've gotta love Ma Nature! Congrats again. Keep those legs speedy from here on out.

kerrie said...

yeah - get that HR thing posted! I'm really curious since I really know too little about.

have you seen these pics of the race:
there are some good ones there(and some not so good ones)!

let me know about the jog cause i'll have to taper, lol.