Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday 21 miles. Week total 80 miles.

am) Mellow long run with George. I swung by his neighborhood at ~6:45am.. chilly morning. HR averaged 132 for the first 18 miles and 160 for the last 3 miles. I tried to push- and did I guess- but my legs felt pretty tired. The culmination of my 140 mile week plus Thursday's run and finally yesterday's 5k have all added up, caught up, mucked up my legs. It was good to have a mellow day.
I slipped in to my coaching mode this morning and gave George a bunch of shit for wearing shorts in 20 degree temps. and for bringing just a 16oz. bottle of water. I had 2 layers on my legs and 50 oz. of Gatorade in my Camelbak. I don't claim to do everything correct but certain things, like hydrating and staying warm, I have learned from watching the best in the world. The Kenyans all wear multiple layers in even mild temps. and as I was telling G, the old US Postal Service cycling team would get fined for not covering their knees in cooler temps.. The hydration thing, any of my athletes will tell you that I'm a stickler for doing the right thing in this regard. Carry water because the effects of dehydration are FAR worse than the weight of a pack. Recovery starts here. In order to run high mileage you need to be hydrated all the time. Sorry G. And by the way.. I would love to run with someone that told me how I could be better!


GZ said...

No need to apologize for any of it TL - I welcome it and enjoy it. I need it. I think you are spot on with the H20 thing. I have simply been an idiot about it. In fact, I have not really thought about it. I have just run with little amounts of water during longer runs because I can. It does not mean it is right. Like I said, I need to change my thinking about it. Or maybe it is better say I need to actually think about it. Duh!

It was chilly enough that TL's Durden-esque beard was iced up - but my legs might be a bit furrier still.

Thanks for hanging back with me. I owe ya (be glad to ride the bike for ya and carry the H20 for you on your longer harder efforts).

Vanilla said...

I have a question for you. As a fairly new runner (3 years now) I've always heard that I need to change my running shoes out after 500 miles. Sometimes I even hear after 300 miles. It takes me 5 to 6 months to rack up that many miles, but clearly you would be out-running your shoes in 3 weeks to a month with your mileage.

Are you replacing your shoes that often? Am I just a sucker for swapping out shoes after 500 miles? Is there something you're doing that makes your shoes last longer? (What do you know I guess I had 3 questions.) ;)