Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Tuesday 0 miles.

We started out from Missouri this morning at 8:45am and just arrived a bit ago.. it's 8:30 but we gained an hour, all told I drove 12 hours not including stops. Interstate 70 was iced over and blowing snow, a ground blizzard that put me on edge- white knuckled for 7 straight hours. There were a gazillion wrecks! With Ben and Jo in the car my concentration didn't waver for a second.. maybe that's my Ironman training?

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Chuckie V said...

*That* was your Christmas?

Hey, how come when you and I drive that far you barely ever look at the road? Are you trying to tell me I'm not as important to you as Jo and Ben?

I know the white knuckle dance well. I'm still recovering from some of my earlier escapades a few years back, when my two-wheel drive truck was doing donuts the whole way from Bend to Boulder.

I'm glad you made it back alive Ben and Jo. You too Tim.