Saturday, December 1, 2007

Saturday 13 miles.

am) When I started I was running on ice and it was drizzling freezing rain. Which I enjoyed really.. the sun rose and I was the only human out. I ran on the trails out East of town in Anthem. I underestimated the miles worth when I said 30 before. I have logged a lot more than that and I still keep finding more. Amazing. I also realized that the views of the Continental Divide from Lafayette are spectacular! Which reminded me that there is no such view in Boulder. Lafayette is heads above Boulder in trails and views... and especially traffic and it's half the price of living.


Chuckie V said...

I whole heartedly agree with your Lafayette vs. Boulder evaluation, but let us not forget that Jessica Biel grew up in Boulder. While that might be the only noteworthy thing that place clings to in the future, you must admit, it's tough to top.

Lee said...

Lucho, what else is in Lafayette besides good views and good trails? We were there for about a day over the summer, and I don't remember there really being much else. Beautiful, yes. But kind of boring, no? Of course, that could be a good thing.

Lucho said...

Alright.. Jessica Biel is a nice girl and I'm sure she has a great personality. But, Lee, the greatest part of Lafayette may be what it doesn't have that Boulder does. Traffic #1. Elitism #2. High taxes and home prices #3, we got our home in Lafayette for 1/3 the price of the same home in Boulder city limits.
Lafayette though is still plenty close to Boulder.. I used to run to masters swims at East BRC. I also used to work at the Safeway on Arapahoe and would ride my bike there.
There are more trails in too. I think Boulder is VERY over rated. With several smaller towns within Boulder County there are much better options. Being a smaller town there is almost no crime too. I think boring is a good thing but it's nice too to be able to drive 10:00 in to Denver and get hit in a drive by or get car jacked. Boulder, I may just get date raped by a football player.