Friday, November 30, 2007

Friday 4 miles. Gym.

am) 4 miles easy jogging then 30:00 of core lifts with very light leg lifts to get the muscles firing and the blood moving. Hot tub and dry sauna for 45:00 afterwards. The dry sauna is my favorite thing ever. I like sitting in there until I get nauseous.


Chuckie V said...

Lucho, I believe you mean 'nauseated' rather than 'nauseous'. The former means 'sick in the stomach', while the latter means 'sickening to contemplate'.

Do not, therefore, say, "Until I feel nauseous," unless you're sure you have that effect on others.

Incidentally, that librarian wife of yours will back me on this one.

Lucho said...

Well I'll be dipped in shit.. I didn't know that. But I am sure that I do have that effect on others!