Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Wednesday. Things I found at the track. 18 miles.

am) Track workout: 8 X 1000 in 3:19/ 3:19/ 3:18/ 3:16/ 3:16/ 3:14/ 3:16/ 3:11. Average HR for this set was 168/ max HR was 176 (LT is ~178-180). The key to this workout was the recovery intervals. Renato Canova and Enrico Arcelli will tell you that the key to improving one's aerobic threshold (marathon pace or lipidic power) is to cross over just beyond the balance point of CHO VS. Fat metabolism then cross slightly back. So, the 1000's were run at just below my LT with the recovery intervals as 200 or 400 (depending on fatigue) each run at 5:50-6:00 pace which would not allow my HR to fall below 155. Towards the end it got pretty stingy. I felt flat and tired (sleep) but my legs were doing the work that my mind told them too... and they always will.
pm) 8 miles- 47:24. HR average 162, max 166. Average pace 5:55.
Now- below is a picture of the things I found on the track. A spider ring, totally sweet and I'm sure my wife is going to LOVE it. A glow in the dark skull- which made me jump when I saw it.. it is a HUMAN skull! Seriously! A hair tie for my hair, I might wash it first but probably not. And a quarter... which means I made more money during this track workout than I did between 2000 and 2003.


JK1 said...


I (heart) skulls.

too bad you couldn't of found another wallet with $50. Goddamn was that a good riding day. :)

Chuckie V said...


I'll give you twenty-five cents for the quarter and the skull.

Brett said...

I like the new header. Very cool. Also cool that you made more in one day than you did in three years! :)