Friday, November 9, 2007

Friday 17 miles.

What an amazing day! Ben was in the best of moods and I didn't hear a single cry or fuss all day, he was just sweet and fun! He also learned how to say "Ba" when I would hold up a ball!
Chuckie "the pot stirrer" V came over and rode along with me while I ran with Ben in the baby jogger for my second run. Chuck posted a great entry in to his blog.. if you're not an avid cyclist or triathlete then don't bother to read it.. but the comment from the illiterate guy "Bob" is kind of fun to laugh at.
I am racing a 10k tomorrow morning. I've mentioned before that I don't like them at all so tomorrow is going to be fun in the "cut myself" kind of way. On Tuesday I ran an 8 mile tempo run and went through 6 miles fairly easily in ~32:00 so hopefully I can go faster than that tomorrow.


BRFOOT said...

have you or Chuck had any experience with the ibike?? I have been thinking about a pwr meter for some time. Even before the real life comedy over on Chuck's page. I have a real hard time justifying a $ 2000 gaget that may help me take a little time off my IM. But a $400 gaget may be worth it, if it works as advertised. I just wonder if my money would be better spent on going to Chuck's camp or on a better coach..... or should I just save my money and get my ass on the bike more than I did last year.

Brett said...

Good luck in the 10K. I was wondering if in a future post you could expound on your nutrition during training runs and races. I noticed you drank sugar-free Red Bull during your marathon. Is this to keep the body in fat burning mode? I would be interested to hear your take ... Thanks as usual!

Chuckie V said...

brfoot, I have not used the iBike, so I'm afraid I can't offer any opinions or advice with regards to it, but I'm pretty sure you've answered your questions with your last sentence.

BRFOOT said...