Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunday 26.2- 2:30:40

5th place- 2:30... I'm pretty darn happy with that result. The race started in a somewhat hard rain with the temps hovering in the mid-30's. I wore arm warmers, a winter hat, gloves, and a vest... after the race I weighed all of my clothes and they came in at 6 pounds! There's 5 minutes right there! No excuses though! I ran hard and really weakened mentally from mile 10 to mile 20 then kicked it in and caught 3 guys. The race director told me the night before the race that they cut the prize money from top 5 to just the top 3 in order to draw a better elite field. I felt slighted for sure especially when I found myself in 7th place asking "why push harder?".. I snapped out of that funk though mainly because a nice fellow on the course lied and told me I was in 4th place! An accident I'm sure but I thought maybe some guys had quit I had moved up a few spots! No such thing but I'm glad now. The slick roads and the cold kicked my butt, literally as my glutes tightened.. then my hamstrings soon followed. I need to work a lot on a lot of things but I can certainly see my mental strength is not so much.. my strength today was the last 6 miles and my early pacing. I held back and stuck to my goal which I know was realistic in better weather.


Brett said...

Congratulations! Sounds like a great result in tough conditions. Way to tough it out. Now, what's next? :) Congrats again!

Dr. J said...

Great job, Tim. Keep at it...with your talent, you will get there.

my email is jshiltatmacdotcom thanks in advance for the email