Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I am feeling good today. I ran the loop that is linked below. I usually park at North Boulder Rec. Center and run from there which adds 6 miles to the run. Today my goal was to run at my LT up all hills and to blast the downhills as hard as my quads would allow with out having them explode. I achieved both and completed to route in 1:14 with an average HR of 160. I accumulated 38:00 of hard climbing with my HR between 170-175 and the rest of the run was descending. Don't be fooled, it is VERY difficult to run fast down a 10% grade! I would estimate my speeds on the climbs and the steeper descents to be similar. I ran counter clockwise which has the steepest climbs... that's why the descending time was so much longer. I wore my racing shorts, Descent's long aero triathlon short.. basically cycling shorts but with out the huge chamois. I want to wear them mostly for the compression benefit for the latter miles of the marathon, but I also think that the little tiny split side runners shorts are the dumbest things I've ever seen. I don't really want my ass hanging out or my junk flopping around during my marathon. I would rank the runners shorts right up there with Speedos except the Speedos actually have a function. If there is anything good about the tiny shorts is that my tan lines are higher. I think the compression benefit is real and I noticed it on the descents today. Jeff and I used to joke about how our quads felt after "Black Wednesday"... like we went 10 rounds with a midget boxer.. none of that today.

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