Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wednesday 22mi

pm) 10 miles in 1:01... wu) 2.5 miles. Then ran 6 miles in 33:28 (~5:34 pace) cd) 1.5 miles.
Thats 13 miles at near goal marathon pace for me. The afternoon run felt quite comfortable until I hit the rolling hills at the end. I know that the key for me running this pace at Denver (if I can) will be the perfect taper and peak. The course is hillier than I had originally believed and my goal of 2:25 is going to be tough.
The picture below is of one of Ben's toys that we bought at a thrift store... we don't have a clue what the hell it is.. do you?

am) Started my run this morning and felt horrible. My body is still very depleted. I have gone to bed every night for the past 3 days with a caloric deficit in the 1500 cal. range. I had a scheduled hard run today and decided at mile 4 to see if I could gut it out and elevate my HR and run through the fatigue... Mile 5 was 5:18 (HR 158).. the next 6 miles I worked at 5:30-5:35 per mile and held my HR at 171. I never felt even slightly good and told myself as I neared each mile mark that I would stop, but I didn't. 12 miles total with 7 miles in 39:00..

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